Vision for Cowane’s Hospital – June 2018

Vision for Cowane’s Hospital: To conserve and revitalise Cowane’s Hospital to ensure the integrity of the fabric of the building so that it is preserved for future generations.

The Patrons of Cowane’s Hospital Trust are pleased to announce the approval of a proposal to carry out urgent and essential repairs to the fabric of the Cowane’s Hospital building in order to make it fully wind and watertight. This will enable it to be open and available primarily for local and community benefit and to continue plans for bringing this important historical asset back to life and full use.
It is proposed that work on site will commence in March 2019 to allow time for all necessary preparatory work to be carried out.
In time, it is proposed to continue this work to enhance the interior of the Hospital and also the gardens.
In addition to hosting a thriving café and artists’ studios, it is hoped that Cowane’s Hospital will be used for various civic events and available to hire for small events e.g. community events, school trips, small social events, concerts, meetings, trainings events etc as well as continuing as a popular venue on Doors Open Day.
There are plans to provide interpretation boards in the Hospital providing information on the history of Cowane’s. This will enhance the experience of visitors to the Hospital, particularly providing educational input which will be especially important for school visits.