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The Patrons of Cowane’s Hospital Trust was established in 1637 for the provision of an alms-house for the ageing members of Stirling Guildry. It was founded by Stirling’s greatest benefactor, John Cowane who died in 1633 and bequeathed 40,000 merks for the building of a hospital/alms-house within the burgh of Stirling to be known as Cowane’s Hospital. Over the years, the purposes and objectives of the Trust have altered and with effect from 2011, the Trust fund is held and the income from it applied by the Patrons for the relief of those in need by reason of age, ill health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage through the provision of housing within the local government area of Stirling.

Cowane’s Hospital is a rare 17th century alms-house built between 1634 and 1661. The Hospital is an A listed building. It is considered to be one of the finest buildings of its period and occupies a key site in the historic heart of Stirling close to the castle and adjacent to the Church of the Holy Rude. Recently the Trust has invested a significant amount towards the conservation of the Hospital.

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John Cowane still keeps an eye on the almshouse that bears his name – his statue, known as Auld Staneybreaks, looks down on the courtyard from a niche in its tower.

Stirling’s most generous benefactor was born around 1570 in the family home at the foot of St Mary’s Wynd which is now known as John Cowane’s House. After attending the grammar school and doing his apprenticeship he went into partnership with his father.

As well as being a general merchant he was a money lender and ship owner. Stirling had a bustling harbour where goods were imported and exported overseas. Much of his time would have been spent doing deals with fellow guild brethren from his booth in Broad Street. He was hugely successful, rising to become Dean of Guild in 1624, a town councillor, a commissioner to the convention of royal burghs and a member of the Scots parliament.

Some say he also indulged in a little piracy.

Although John Cowane did not marry but the Kirk Session of the Holy Rude Kirk recorded that in 1611 he was fined £6 for fathering an illegitimate son. The mother was also fined and forced to do public penance – an indignity John bought himself out of. Little else is known of his personal life, except that he lived in the family home with his sister Agnes.

On his deathbed in 1633 John Cowane told his brother Alexander of his desire to use his wealth to build an almshouse in Stirling where 12 decayed guild brethren were to be entertained and sustained.

And there is a tradition that each New Year’s Eve the statue of John Cowane comes to life and he leaps down to dance merrily in the forecourt.

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Cowane’s Hospital Garden is an example of an early 17th Century civic charitable institution and is an important part of the social and cultural development of Stirling. The Garden is a rare example of the work of Thomas Harlaw, Gardener to the 6th Earl of Mar. The original layout and terraces, Dutch parterre and bowling green remain evident today.

The layout and planting have been documented continuously over a period of 350 years. The main phases of development were 1661-1702 and 1713 to 1740 with modifications made in the 19th and 20th century.

The source of the above information and much more of the history and development of the garden can be found in the  book named ‘Cowane’s Hospital Garden in Stirling’ written by M Eastop, C Green, A Hancock and M Lumsden of the NADFAS Garden History Group, Stirling in 2001.

The Gardens have recently been listed by Historic Scotland in their Inventory of Gardens and Designed Landscapes in Scotland.  To view the Historic Scotland listings follow these links:

Cowane’s Hospital Landscape
Cowane’s Hospital Sundial

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The coffee shop, run by Marion Gaughan and popularly known as The Couthy Corner, is currently closed due to the conversation project.

During this period Marion is operating a take away café located in the adjacent Church of the Holy Rude.

Please check the Couthy Corner Facebook page for opening hours.

For further information about the coffee shop please contact 07718 070722.

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